As the United States reels over a hate-filled weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, where white supremacist terrorists staged rallies that led to deadly violence, and as the war against an ISIS-related group in Marawi City, Philippines, continues to rage, political analyst Dr. Patricio N. Abinales proffers a welcome and consoling view on "Why Our Moro Brothers and Sisters Will Never Turn Fundamentalist." So far, the vast majority of Filipino Muslims are proving the correctness of his thesis, so read it and breathe a sigh of relief.

Chess aficionados all over the world will enjoy this week's feature on Wesley So, arguably the best chess player the Philippines has ever produced so far. Eliseo Tumbaga, himself a chess expert, gives us an update on the heights this 23-year old chess wonder has reached in the international chess firmament, in "Wesley So's Rocky Road to the World Chess Championship."

PF Correspondent and resident foodie Elizabeth Ann Quirino remembers her hometown of Tarlac, Tarlac through its food, specifically that addicting delicacy called tupig. In "Tupig from Tarlac," she tells us about Laring, the town's most famous tupig vendor, whose product the author recreated in her American kitchen. The resulting tupig recipe, US version, is our Happy Home Cook feature this week.

Some interesting and timely pieces make up our In The Know list for this issue:

I'm 20, Filipino-American and from the South. Here's what I saw in Charlottesville.

The Microsoft Exec Who Came from the Slums

Tender, melty Filipino pork from a food truck

Music Sensation Bruno Mars donates $1 million to Flint victims

Our Video of the Week: we feature how Cole Rogers, a disabled man, didn't let his handicap from learning the Filipino Martial Art of Kali.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino

Requiem for a Good Man

The community of journalists in Manila is mourning one of its own. Michael Marasigan, formerly of BusinessWorld and an esteemed colleague, was gunned down along with his brother in San Juan a week ago. No known motive.

Michael and I were in Business Day at the same time in the early '80s. We reconnected on Facebook about a year ago and he gave PF permission to post some of his acclaimed road trip (around the Philippines) videos, and we did. We're posting another one in this issue as our Video of the Week, in memory of a good man, as everyone who knew Michael can attest.

The world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers (also known as the UP Madrigal Singers) is the subject of Manzel Delacruz's feature this week, as the choir embarks on another world tour. San Francisco gets to hear them on August 12. Check the story for details.

We have another Hometown feature, this time on Cebu. Isabel Taylor Escoda, formerly of Hong Kong, offers a spirited argument for "Overstaying in Cebu."

From the south, we go northas first-time contributor Merlita Usita Campañano writes about a popular restaurant in her hometown in Cagayan. "Hapag-Kainan sa Ballesteros" lures with small-town flair and shares its recipe for "Dinakdakan," that famous dish favored by Ilocanos worldwide. 

And our In The Know links for this week:

The Night Asian America Took One Last Stand. Remembering 40 Years After the Fall of the I-Hotel

Are Priests Duterte’s Fiercest Foes?

Wiki warriors: activists fighting to keep truth of brutal Marcos regime in Philippines alive

How to Get Ahead in Politics in the Philippines

My Trip To The Philippines, Part 2: The Power of Colorism And Colonial Mentality

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino

Love and Consciousness

Now that LGBTQ rights are under assault (again), it's heartwarming to hear of a good story like Cherie Querol Moreno's "Two Brides and Open Hearts," a loving portrait of a family wedding that affirms the right to choose who you love. That it took place in Orlando, Florida -- the land of homophobic Anita Bryant -- is doubly sweet.

In San Francisco's Manilatown, Fil-Am history gets an early tribute with the exhibit of paintings and photographs of Tony Remington, a Manila-born, San Francisco-raised artist who went through the angst of lost identity and found his bearings when he went back to the Philippines for a few years. Carlos Zialcita chronicles the artist's journey of self-discovery in "Tony Remington's Launching Point to Fil-Am Consciousness."

Presy Lopez-Psinakis, who passed away recently, was an important figure in the US-based movement against the Marcos dictatorship. Cherie Querol Moreno pays tribute to the lady known for her grace and courage.

Our In The Know links for this week:

Stemming the tide of violent extremism in the Philippines

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New Rules on Balikbayan Boxes Take Effect Aug 1: What You Need to Know

What 'simple, comfortable' Filipino life looks like, according to NEDA

For our Happy Home Cook, Richgail Enriquez “veganizes” for another Filipino favorite: Macaroni Salad.

For our Video of the Week, youtube channel Just Saying HG featured the five Filipina Beauty Queens who won in the International Pageants from 2013-2016.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino